“Peace like a river”, a well known phrase, typically scripture based is quite intriguing. A river is a natural flowing water course and continuous flowing water. “For this is what the Lord says, I will extend peace to her like a river, and the wealth of nations like a flooding stream;…” (Isaiah 66:12). When we have received the redemptive grace of God, we are bestowed with the Peace. The Peace that God gives us is also pure and natural not induced by happenings and situation. Such divine peace will not lose its very essence and remains flowing uninterrupted by the day to day affairs of the world.
As we see further about the characteristics of River, we find the river water is usually drawn from an upland source and carry nutrients all around the earth. When the Redeemer from above releases Peace up on us, it is not just for ourselves. When it is drawn from God above it provides energy and richness to those who come in touch with our lives. Our words would bring spiritual wealth in the lives of those whom we minister to.
And what is more interesting is, River plays an important role in the water- cycle, acting as drainage channel for surface water. God bestows us with such redemptive grace not just to enrich others’ lives but to reproach those who need to heed God’s voice with gentleness. Do we being the channel of peace boldly with authority question the surface level godliness in our church, society, family and community? Finally rivers provide excellent habitat and food for many of the earth’s organisms. When my life is filled with God given peace, God uses me to feed the hungry souls to lead them to the path of redemption. Those of us who have received this redemptive grace are called to restore the human mankind for the purpose for which God created.
Let our lives be like the river of Peace touching lives with the redemptive grace of God!
E. Faith. K