Being born in a believer’s family was the best thing that ever happened to me in my life. Knowing that I am chosen by Christ and was brought up in His presence was a great feeling of joy. Getting up in the morning praying, listening to the Word of God and singing songs for His glory had been a daily routine and this isn’t all about it there is even more to add of what God has given to us as a gift.

Staying with people, in a company where everybody were different parts in the body of Christ taught us many things that normal child wouldn’t get. By God’s grace, we were well-bred by our surroundings, our parents, teachers, missionary uncle and aunties and MVM family.

When moving around in the world in our daily life we were always encouraged to do what is good and the bible ethics that was loaded inside our mind from childhood always helped us to figure out what was wrong and what was right in the sight of God and men.

Our parents were working hard, proclaiming the gospel of Christ in remote areas and to be full-focused in that work MVM launched Happy-Home a place where M-kids (Missionary Kids) will come together to get good quality education.

This home was not only for education but also for spiritual education and that was the place where we learned to live life, we discovered our talents and several other things. From a young age to teens, we were disciplined in God’s Words and in every aspect of our life and through that home God shaped and formed us to be a good human being.Truly, Happy-Home will remain an unforgettable experience for every boy and girl who stayed there.

It has been an amazing journey witnessed by every m-kid in their life. This journey was amazing as well as tough sometimes.

Walking with God is not an easy task and this is the reason why the journey was also labelled as tough.

One thing I noticed is that even though we get all the things needed to build a spiritual foundation there is only one thing that matters the most and that is our capability to withstand all kind of temptations and problems that comes when moving ahead.

Scriptures clearly says, “No temptations are beyond human’s capability”. To overcome temptations, we need to first strengthen our capability and we have to make sure that it should neither be miscalculated nor be over calculated by any means. No matter what, we all are capable of doing what is good and avoiding what is evil.

One last thing I learned by my experience is that having faith in the Lord and consistently walking according to His Words is easy at the first level and it gets tougher and tougher when we level up spiritually. Therefore, we have to get upgraded with the help of Bible scriptures and communication with God every single day of our life.


Emmanuel Mahure